Monday, July 23, 2012

Time flies...

It has been a while since I posted the last entry.
My school life is over now. In March, I completed the graduate school and got a master's degree.

I had to say goodbye to my kids at work as I got a new job. It was very hard to do so, but I had no choice. After all, it was I that decided to choose my current job over the kids. In May, I visited their classroom for the first time after the good-bye. Kids all remembered me. And as soon as they saw me, their faces shined with smiles. That was enough for me. I had always wanted to give them an impression (in any ways). I saw the result on that day I visited them. I will not be sad any more. I still miss them, but I'm sure I will stay in their hearts, and that they will stay in my heart forever.

So, I got a new job, and that means I got a new batch of kids. This time though, they are a little bit older than the last ones. You know what. Only three months have passed since I met them for the first time. But I love them. Already. They are all cute and nice and awesome. Although almost all of them have various kinds of difficulties and problems in their lives, they are strong and tough. The principal once said to us the teachers, "How many of the Japanese kids out there can be strong and tough like our students?" I honestly think that I can't beat my students when it comes to toughness. They are all great on that.
Loving the students and educating them are two completely different things, however. It is fun but a bit difficult time to time to deal with the current kids because they are right in the stage of becoming adults. I feel that scolding a student is the most difficult. You want to tell them they are doing something unacceptable in society (disturbing teachers/other students in class by chatting loudly, for example). You want the student to be socially acceptable. But meanwhile, you get scared of breaking the good relationship with them. I have been trying some ways of telling them off efficiently and unemotionally. Things are not that easy though. I hope someday I will find my own way.

And here comes the summer vacation again!
(Teachers of course get less holidays than kids do.)
I am very sad for the fact that the students will not show up for over a month. But it is also true that I had been looking forward to the summer holidays for so long.
My little siblings are longing for me coming back in Nagano. I'd like to visit my grandfather in hospital. I want to have educational discussions with my father. A big bag of freshly ground coffee will make my mother happy. There will be a very big event for me too......coming soon. This summer will be busy as usual. But surely enjoyable it will be!

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