Monday, September 19, 2011

Sports Day in Gunma

Yesterday was sports day at many elementary schools, including my old school in Nagano which now two of my younger siblings go to. Since I had a private lesson at night, I gave up going to see my siblings' sports day. Instead, I decided to go and see ones of my little juku kids in Gunma.

While I was walking toward the school from my workplace where I parked my car, I heard the loud voice through microphone, which told me the opening ceremony had started. As one of my kids had told me he was one of the oath taker, I hurried up. I needed to be there before the opening ceremony ended.
Just before I went in the entrance of the school, the oath takers climbed up to the mini stage.

The oath takers

So that was the start of the day. As soon as the kids started returning to their own seats, I sneaked to the back of their seats to find my kids. One girl told me where to find her beforehand, so I went up there, and I found my little ones on my way. At first they couldn't recognize me because I was wearing a weird hat, but once they did, they all shouted "Wowww Sensei!!!," which made me feel good. I always wanted to see them when they weren't studying. You cannot see their genki-ness at juku, sadly. I was amazed but at the same time very happy to see some of my quiet kids ( least at juku) smiling, being so energetic, and having fun with their friends. 

 I was also amazed that the entire event ended before lunch. I thought it was just for this year because the weather has been really bad to all the living creatures, but it seemed, according to my kids, that the event had been like that for more than six years.
After lunch, I went to see another sports day at another school where some of my kids, but not many, go to. But by the time I got there, the programme was almost over, so I just stayed there to find my kids, say hi to them, and left there.
Every minute, I was happy to see my kids having fun, being free from studying. I think I love them.

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